My new novel!

2008-09-21 18:02:22 by StrikerF2


Annual facelift!

2008-06-29 18:40:29 by StrikerF2

I say annual, but its set to no regular date, it just usually takes me around about a year to get on with it.

What am I talking about? My avatar!

For the past few years, I have been using this character as my avatar for pretty much everything, forums, MSN, Counter Strike spray, If there's the option to import a jpeg, then he is there! He has gone through a number of facelifts since I first drew him. The most obvious of which was the addition of an overszed tongue, but over the years I have made him look less and less crude (Well, I suppose that is a matter of opinion) and a lot more pleasing to the eye (Again, matter of opinion)

Previously, I have tended (In situations such as these, i.e Userpages) to have all the images the same, just resized to fit image boarders, but this time, i decded to be a little different. Whilst technically, the header IS the same picture as the user image, it is a kind of "Before and after" effect, with my initial sketch of this incarnation (Which was on lined paper) and then the finished product (Which was traced over and coloured in Flash, though I still feel there is somthing missing....)

Anyway, to make sure this post isnt completley irrelevant of stuff that YOU would find interesting, I am also working in collaberation with someone to make a flash game, which will hopefuly be finished by the end of the summer! More details later :3

Oh, and as always with me, comments are welcomed :)

Annual facelift!

Well, first thing you probably thought was "WHOA! What is that awesome header picture?"

Well, to explain, THAT is a picture of my guild from the MMORPG "RF Online" N.I.N.J.A. stands for "Nothing Incredibly New, Just Assasins".

RF is a very fun game, entirley PvP based, though, if you are interested in it, please feelf ree to drop me a PM.

Thats all for now :)